Youth Powered Media is made by kids, driven by kids, conceived by kids. It’s a medium of communication in which youth can articulate their ideas, innovations, questions and concerns to other youth and to the adults that are shaping the world kids live in.


  • It’s really important! Because families LOVE digital media, and guess what? Kids really LOVE it.
  • In fact, twice as many kids are using mobile media as were using it just 2 years ago, while the use of traditional media [think TV, radio] is actually on the decline.
  • Information, education, advertising – it’s all living on mobile digital devices. So shaping a kid’s relationship with media at a very young age is critical.


  • We have to give kids a chance to be users of media in an empowered way.
  • They should regularly create their own media messages in order to understand the crafting of all the messages they receive every day.
  • They should get lots of hands on experience with the infrastructure of the digital world they live in.
  • We MUST address the Digital Divide between affluent kids and poor kids in exposure to media.