A lot of things are in the WORKS over here! 2017 is going to be the year that Youth Media in India really begins to form as a cohesive power of influence locally, regionally

and eventually at a national level! We want to encourage the power of youth voice in relationship with our policy makers, stakeholders, educators and organizations looking to work with & serve kids.


Calling all policy makers, educators, stakeholders, parents, friends and kids! We are so pleased to announce that we’ll be celebrating the work of more than 250 kiddos who have participated in Media Awareness after school programs around India this year. Our kiddos have worked to produce digital media on issues of social concern and we’re inviting the community of India to come out and see what they have done.

START THE DATE: April 31, 2017


Why should not India host a thought-provoking & engaging Youth & Media Summit each year? We’re on the top 10 list of just about everything and one of the most progressive country in the world! The Youth & Media Summit will act as a showcase for all organizations nationally working with youth and media. From gathering the brightest minds in Youth Media research to pulling in the stakeholders working with Youth & Media every day, and of course, our most important guests: YOUTH! This is going to be the place you want to be this September as we kick off an event to bring together youth, media, the arts & social justice.

START THE DATE: April 31, 2017

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