Background of the Project

MEDIA PLAYS a crucial role in changing and influencing the thoughts of the people. Media has a great power to influence what we think about things happening around. The role of media is not only to seek solution to the many problems of the country, but the task of media is also to inform and educate people so that a critical awareness among the people is encouraged.

Today mass media has been well-established, it is more remarkable to see that All India Radio (AIR) now reaches 90 per cent of the population, TV more than 80 per cent and over 5600 newspapers, 150 of those major publications are published daily in over 100 languages, so there are a lot of opportunities in using mass media. For youth also, it is very important because with the growing population of the country, the new generation is facing the problem of unemployment and many talented youths find it difficult to get a good job. On the other hand, there are so many employment opportunities that are winding up so media could be a best channel to pass all the useful information.

It is true that information technologies and medium of mass communication itself are not the solutions for poverty and unemployment, but media can be used as a source to eradicate these problems from the society. A good media person can be a nation builder with a scientific temper of mind a certain values, which will promote the willing contribution to the entire community.

Today we are living in the era of information technology where media plays a vital role in influencing and changing socio and political values. As we all know that media is considered to be the fourth pillar in a democratic country and it maintains a balance between the other three pillars, which are Judiciary, Executive and Legislative.
Media Mitra Project will be integral part of dependency strengthening the position of Media with Judiciary, Executive and Legislative

Journalism or business?

WHAT IS media? Is media industry all just about covering the Page3 parties and all the stardoms of the tinsel town or is it struggling and visiting all parts of the country for the scoops and clues

Media is an industry, which is at its boom today, seven out of 10 teenagers want to join this industry but is it all worth it? A nation with more then 60 news channels working 24 hours and getting all the news for the viewers, but what is the actual role of media? Is it to bring out news from various corners of the nation or is it just to cover the high profile cases and stretch those for months, investigate those cases, set panels for those and avoid those low level cases that are of equal disaster to the society?

Media has helped solving many murder cases and uncover scams. But most of these cases were high profile cases such as Jessica Lal murder Case, Nitish Katara and the most recent Aarushi murder case. Aarushi murder case started on May 16 when body of a 13 years old girl was found brutally killed at her own residence. And from there on, there is a breaking news everyday on the news channels regarding this case.

Its been almost a month on this case and the viewers are just getting all the personal and case related information about Aarushi, all the reporters have turned into investigators and no the other issue is being highlighted. CEO of a news channel said on this, “Today, the consumer demands the four Cs, namely cricket, cinema, comedy and crime…. ” But is media industry here only for business? Where has the hard core journalism gone? Why media coverage to cases such as hit and run accidents, high inflation rate and employee exploitation is not being given? Just because such cases do not get them business? Or is it because people don’t want to see them?

Isn’t it the duty of media to use its power in correct way and help the lower section of the society who are already struggling with their lives and are getting suppressed by other external problems. Many people die on roads, many are being exploited, but who is there to point this out? All the media industry is busy investigating the high profile cases. A life is a life after all, whether a poor man dies or a rich man dies. It is all about a life. Then why this discrimination? A single murder is made the centre of attraction of the nation, ignoring those four or five people who died of poverty or inflation.

It’s high time. Now media should realise its duties and work, not only for the business but also for the human rights. Media power is too huge, if used correctly, it can bring big changes in the society. But if not, then it can even destroy many innocent lives.

Council visions to play an important role in Media Integration, Media Ethics, and A professional and free media accountable to the public.

Media Mitra Project Overview

Govt. has many policies, programs for different strata of society but lack of awareness of such policies, programs in the department and citizen level yielding zero result and fund remains unused in the respective department. Backward Commission, Child Protection commission, Human Rights Commission has been very instrumental in delivering justice to the society in monetary form. But responsibility does not end there with monetary benefits rather Institution should take extra efforts and ensuring non repetition of such incident that are and state or country as a whole.

Council of Information and Broadcasting has launched “MEDIA MITRA” project by itself for effective awareness / dissemination of government policies, rights, rules and regulation. One male and female Media Mitra at each village is our goal. Council is working towards building a strong media network at village level for rolling out awareness activities in grassroots level in association with respective state and central Govt.

Roles & Responsibilities of Media Mitra

 Act as 24/7 Media Friends at Grassroots level
 Awareness, Sensitization of State, Central Govt Projects Program i.e Swatch Bharat Mission, Right to Education, Right to Information, Water Preservation etc
 Be part of primary data collection team for research/ survey
 Voicing out issues at grassroots level resulting better governance (Useful to eGov initiative)
 Media Mitra will act a biggest platform to integrate G2C i.e Govt 2 Citizen
 Encourage Citizen Journalism
 Coordinate, Conduct high level capacity building program at grassroots level
 Project will be revolving from time to time
 Be part of State/ Central Govt/ CSR funded project implementation team

Keys Benefits & Honorarium:

 Recognized Media Mitra ID Card with certificate
 Media Mitra will be trained on different sector based on the project needs
 Media Mitra team will be getting honorarium based on the project being linked with
 In some cases, fixed salary can be given based on the project being linked with.

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