The Media Awareness Project is driven by our Media Mitra team across India. It has received and encouraged as one of the best liked program in the society across India. Council after operating on a limited basis under a limited budget with the corporate & Individual Alliance. We are entering our new fiscal year in April of 2017 with an annual budget of just over Rs. 1 Crore. Our initial startup costs were funded through a donation from our founders and primarily supplied equipment and funding for instructional support. In our first year we worked with about 40 kids through after school programming and through our work in Justice. As of April 2017 we have entered our 4th fiscal year and our projected annual budget this year will be approximately Rs. 1.5 Crore. We are intended for serving +225 students per week in India and on track to work with about 10,000 central youth this year.


Our priorities right now are centered around managing growth to ensure we are meeting our mission in all of our activities. In shaping the course of the Media Awareness Project for the future, we are proud to be the ONLY organization in central committed solely to teaching youth to create socially conscious media. As we kick off 2017, our focus is on tangibles that make sense for the organization. These include a continued focus on after-school education, since it is where many Indian kids first meet the Media Awareness Project. We have 2 juvenile justice programs that we’re in the process of funding right now. We are exploring what it would look like to fund a mobile facility to bring programming to rural and under served communities in India with the intention of battling the digital divide (the lack of access to technology and technology-related skill training for kids and communities whose lives are shaped by the profound implications of poverty, and we are committed to making Youth Media events a part of the Indian landscape.


It is the mission of the Media Awareness Project to empower youth to use media for community engagement, cultural expression & social change.


We see a dynamic relationship between youth and the communities they live in, where the use of media facilitates learning, growth & participation.


Everyone wants a voice at the table, and that includes youth. We are making an impact and that impact is formed by the engagement of young people in shaping our growth.

THE FUTURE of YOUTH & MEDIA is full of both perils & possibilities. Children’s relationship with media demands action & investment.


  • Youth and Media Events
  • After School Programs
  • Summer Camp 2017
  • Professional Video Production