In the fall of 2017 the Media Awareness Project began bringing the CIB Media Leadership Academy to all the schools we’re working with. The Media Leadership program teaches students to create a social awareness campaign

through the use of digital media. Kiddos in each program self-select an issue they want to produce a campaign for and throughout the semester they use print media, website building, social media, video and photography to create their campaigns. At the end of the year all of our programs will participate in a community wide awareness day to show their work.

Govt. has many policies, programs for different strata of society but lack of awareness of such policies, programs in the department and citizen level yielding zero result and fund remains unused in the respective department. Backward Commission, Child Protection commission, Human Rights Commission has been very instrumental in delivering justice to the society in monetary form. But responsibility does not end there with monetary benefits rather Institution should take extra efforts and ensuring non repetition of such incident that are and state or country as a whole.

Council of Information and Broadcasting has launched “MEDIA MITRA” project by itself for effective awareness / dissemination of government policies, rights, rules and regulation. One male and female Media Mitra at each village is our goal. Council is working towards building a strong media network at village level for rolling out awareness activities in grassroots level in association with respective state and central Govt.

We are hereby inviting all final year media students to work with us in creating "Videos, Awareness Campaign" for key pain areas of the societies to spread awareness in bigger level.
Interest school and colleges are advised to write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject line "After School Programs".