The 2015 Leaders Awards (CIB) - The Most Authoritative Awards For Those who have done Excellence In India. The 2015 Leaders Awards (CIB) reward those who promote "Make in India", "Skill India", "Clean India" through their respective competency at the International, national & regional level. The awards aim to recognize and reward Indians excellence across all sectors, private, public and charity. Open to organisations of any size and individuals, based anywhere in the India, entries are encouraged from those that feel they are working smarter than their competitors to create a Brand India.

The 2015 Leaders Awards (CIB) seeks to recognize the most enterprising Indians in India. The 2015 Leaders Awards (CIB) honour outstanding performance in a wide range of categories. With in-depth categories which cover everything from internal communications to public relations, as well as a wide range of industries from all across India, the Awards explore the full range of the profession, and provide a comprehensive look at the most exceptional example of communication in India. With such a scope, the 2015 Leaders Awards (CIB) ensure that achievements in all fields are acknowledged.

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Venue: The Ashok, New Delhi