Ground Reality : In reference of the atrocity against Dalits at Harobale village, Kanakapura Taluk of Ramanagar district by upper castes on 11th January, 2015. That day Dalits were severely thrashed and terrorized and next day, on January 12th local police have denied to register complaint from the victims. Then we approached DGP and he asked Ramanagar SP Dr.Chandragupta to take an immediate action on 16th January and the same day victims have met Ramanagar SP and he also neglected the incident by saying that without coming to me, you people went to meet DGP. Finally your intervention with NHRC and SHRC has made them to take the complaint on 21st February, 2015 and FIR also registered against the accused on the same date. Police have booked the case under the IPC 1860 (U/s-143, 323, 324, 504, 506,149); SC AND ST (PREVENTION OF ATROCITY ACT, 1989 (U/s 3(1) (10) (11).

Channapattana DYSP Mr.Dhananjay has visited Harobale on next day, 22nd January 2015 and conducted investigation and later on police have not taken any action against the accused, in spite of filing case under SC AND ST PRVENTION OF ATROCITY ACT 1989. Mean while DYSP has taken statement from four members of victim side on 27th February, 2015 and then nothing has moved. In the last week, all of a sudden police have started to pressurize Mr.Upakarraj, one of the victims to take bail for him and others, since counter case has been registered on him and his family members. It crated lot of confusion and fear among the victims and they requested me to help them in this crisis.

On 6th May, 2015, personally I, Y.Mariswamy, Human Rights Activist went to Sathanur police station along with Leo Christy, human rights activist & Santosh Lohar, Council of Information & Broadcasting and we were informed that on 22nd January 2015, itself counter case has been booked against the victims U/s 143, 323, 324, 504 and 506 of IPC with the crime No.28/15. Except, SC AND ST PREVENTION OF ATROCITY ACT 1989, police have put all other IPC sections on victims, which sections were already put against the accused. Sathanur ASI Mr.Jayaram stated that there is no law which says that do not file counter case and FIR and therefore he took the complaint and registered the FIR. He also said that he is not aware of progress on the both complaints and Channapattana DYSP Mr.Dhananjay is investigating them. He also denied giving the copies of counter case and FIR by saying that all the details concerned with this counter case is with Channapattana DYSP.

This response clearly indicates that systematically and purposefully police have booked the false case in order to protect the accused.

Then we went to Harobale village and visited victims and Dalit community members. At that time they said that; “After taking our complaint police have not supported us and instead they are supporting the accused. On 22nd January, DYSP came for investigation without prior information, since Mr.Upakarraj and his family members were not in the village due to life threat. Only his daughter Ms.Anthony Mary, who is also a victim, was there at that time and in the absence of other victims he conducted namesake investigation and now we came to know that on the same day evening counter case has been filed against us. Situation is still tough for us and our lives are under threat. Even now also we are not allowed inside the two hotels and in a hair cut saloon. We cannot believe police, since they are colliding with accused”.

Respected sir, these words are the reflection for the pathetic condition of Dalits in the Harobale village. Therefore I request your good self to do the needful to withdraw the false case filed against the victims and ensure appropriate legal action against the accused as well as police officials in order to establish harmony and peace in the Harobale village.


Mr. Leo Christy & Santosh Lohar, Vice President of Council of Information & Broadcasting in Sathanur Police Station.

Y Mariswamy, Human Activists & Council's team in discussion with victims of the society in their resident.