Council of Information and Broadcasting, Delhi, in close co-operation with the Lokchetna Foundation, organized a state level seminar on the subject of the “Vocational and Skill Education” in KALER, NH-98, ARWAL (BIHAR) on the 16th April’2015.

In general, young brigades from rural areas are facing acute difficulties in terms of obtaining vocational training/ skill training & employment in various States in India. An important reason for this phenomenon is the insufficient knowledge of the required skill in modern Skilled & knowledge Industry. Vocation training partner does not plan to penetrate themselves in rural areas for various Infrastructures & resource level challenges resulting non availability of Skill Institutions, to a certain extent, complicates the enforcement of equal employment rights in this country.

More than 300 students from various villages of Arwal District, State of Bihar attended the seminar amid the scorching summer. This seminar is a follow up of seminars previously organized in other states.

The seminar was opened by the Dr. Arun Kumar, MP of Jehanabad & Mr. Santosh Lohar, Vice President, Council of Information and Broadcasting, Delhi. After a presentation about the Challenges of Vocational Training for Minorities in the State of Bihar, the relevant Community was presented. Some of the basic needs & challenges of skill training were explained. This part was followed by presentations about the breeding situation and the enforcement of accessibility of training & employment rights in the State of Bihar. In the afternoon, the discussions were focused on specific problems encountered by training service provider when enforcing needs in the agriculture, health, hospitality and IT/ITES sectors. Representatives of Industries and commerce explained their positions in this respect.

In his conclusions, the President of the Lokchetna Foundation, Dr. Ravi, summarized the presentations made. He complimented the speakers for their contributions which created awareness amongst the audience of the implications of Vocational & Skill Training. In his opinion, the active participation of the audience in the questions and answers parts of the seminar showed the interest of the relevant professional circles in Bihar, public and private, for this type of intellectual property rights. Mr Rupendra, State President, Council of Information and Broadcasting thanked the local authorities, Guest & Students for their active support of the team in organizing the seminar. Council is thankful to its supporting partners i.e GSS Infosoft, Parinama Group, Tholons,, Policewala, Start Media, Aryavart Charitable Trust & Federation for Backward Classes.