Council has been closely monitoring police atrocities on Dalith across Karnataka. We are writing this letter post receiving formal letter from victims (Ms. Upakara Mary and family) with supporting evidences. Have attached complete supporting documents for your kind reference and necessary action.( NHRC Case No: 421/10/1/2015 )
- - - - - - - -
This is with regards to the complaint from the Dalit victims UPAKARA MARY and her family members against KUMAR, PALHALLI ANTHA, VINCENT, AROGYA AND MILAN.
Regarding the complaint from the Dalit victims, it is clear that on date 11-01-15 at around 7.30 pm a clash had occurred in the village to such a extent that the accused persons had forcibly entered into the Dalit house and ransacked the house hold items later damaging the roof and door of the house and thereafter assaulting the Dalit family persons by a sickle, wooden pieces and stones and thereafter giving a death threat in the name of casteism by the accused persons.

On date 12-01-15 the victims, due to death threat and fearing for their life had approached Sathanoor Police station (Bangalore, Karnataka) to file an complaint but the police officials instead of receiving the complaint they rejected the victims plea for receiving the complaint.

On date 16-01-15 director general of police and inspector general of police, Bangalore chief had clearly instructed you to look into the matter seriously by taking immediate action, then also till date you have not initiated any action or filed any FIR against the accused persons, which is a total negligence by a duty bound police officer and also a clear violation of law and justice and violation of human rights.
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In these circumstances, you are being requested to do the needful and bring justice for the victims.

Document produced to NHRC:
 Medical Reports
 Injuries mark Photograph
 Letter and DGP comments on the letter

Brief Note on Caste discrimination & atrocity on Dalit Christians in Harobale

Harobale is a predominantly Christian village at Kanakapura taluk, Ramanagar district. Its population reaches around 3000 and its new extension is known as Jyothinagar. This settlement Christians are having around 300 year’s history and even then caste system and caste colonies are prevailed as it is. There are around 135 Golla caste Christian families, 115 Okkaliga caste Christian families, 35 Balijiga caste Christian families, 6 Agasa caste Christian families and 4 Thigala caste Christian families and 85 Dalit Christian families. Apart from these various caste Christians, there are 6 Aachaari families and 5 Lingayath (These 2 castes are Hindus) families.

There is no marriage relationship and social dining and social harmony among upper caste and Dalit Christians. They prefer marriage relationship within their own castes. Practice of untouchability is very much alive among the Christian community and Dalit Christians are treated as low caste converts. Out of 85 Dalit Christian families, around 10 families only having land and all other families are working as agricultural laborers. Dalit Christians are depending on upper caste people for their livelihood and upper caste Christians have taken this as an advantage for their oppression, suppression and harassment. They call the Dalit Christians by mentioning their caste names. Dalit Christians are socially, economically, educationally and politically too backward and unorganized people.

Dalit christians are not allowed to have food in hotel even they are paying for that. No entry for them in the barber shop where upper caste christens is going for hair cut and shaving, instead there is a separate barber shop and barber for them. During St.Chinnappa’s festival celebration they have to prepare food separately and have it.

Harobale has produced around 40 catholic priests and 65 nuns and 98% of them are from dominant caste Christian communities. Only 2 priests and 4 sisters belong to Dalit Christian community.

Dalit Christians are suffering from caste atrocities and harassment on routine and even local Sathanur Police Station police officers will deny to register the case against the perpetrators instead they will advice to listen the words of the dominant caste Christians.

4 months before, when Late. Ms. Fathima Rani w/o Chairman Joseph’s “Punya Thithi Oota” was arranged, at that time Dalit Christians have also called and offered the food with all other caste Christians. By seeing this, upper caste Christians threatened them to sit separate and therefore Dalit Christians were insulted and forced to sit separate. Few young Dalit Christian youth have left the food to resist their pain and agony.

As a continued episode of such humiliation, insult and atrocity, recently, on December 25th 2014-Christmas day, there was a volley ball competition and Dalit Christian youth team has won in the competition. This victory has increased the jealousy among upper caste Christians and in return they attacked on Dalit Christians severely on 11th January 2015.

Again no complaint has been taken from the local police. In brief, Harobale has become ‘Horrible’ net for Dalit Christian community.