The whole world on Saturday(16th January 2016) witnessed the launch of an ambitious programme in India. The launch event took place in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Many of us are still not clear about the goal, highlights and features of Start up India programme. Well, this article is going to provide all the available information regarding the same. So if have queries like – What is Start Up India Stand Up India Scheme ? Who can Apply ? How to Apply ? Application Form downloads etc, read the given information for the answers.

The economy of any country depends on its countrymen. Larger the number of employed or working people, better be the economy. The Indian government realized that Indian people have the potential to work hardly, all they need is, a promising start up. Many people dream of starting up their own business, but due to financial or other similar issues are unable to do so. So, Indian govt. in the leadership of Narendra Modi has decided to offer a gift as a nation wise program- “Start Up India”.

Narendra Modi in his speech acknowledged that Indians have ideas and capability, all the need is a little push.

“Start Up India” is a revolutionary scheme that has been started to help the people who wish to start their own business. These people have ideas and capability, so the government will give them support to make sure they can implement their ideas and grow. Success of this scheme will eventually make India, a better economy and a strong nation.

Start Up India Scheme – From Job Seekers to Job Creators

During his speech at the event, Mr. Modi said that we are trying to make the young job creators rather than job seekers.He also said that one’s mindset should not be towards earning money in the initial phase, it should be rather on grabbing and using the opportunities.

Technology is evolving with the pace faster than ever. This has given birth to various new businesses like E-commerce, internet marketing etc.So, there is a great scope of development in such areas. Those who plan to start new business are eligible to apply.

Start Up India Stand Up India Scheme – Action Plan in Detail

E- registration will be done. The application forms for start up India will be made available in April 2016

A self certification system will be launched
A dedicated web portal and mobile app will be developed
Arrangement of self certificate based compliance
No inspection during the first 3 years
80 percent reduction in the application fee of start up patent
Easy exit policy
Inclusion of Credit Guarantee Fund
Relaxation in Income Tax for first three year
Special Arrangement for Female applicants
Introduction of Atal Innovation Mission. Innovation courses will be started for the students

We are committed in promoting Stand up ! Start up India across nation and motivate Young Entrepreneur through awards, appreciation and motivation.