Special Interview :IPS-Gaurav Chandra Dutt

The person who has achieved various awards in policing to prevent crime and offer a clean society to the people, has discovered peace and glory after joining ISKON and dedicated his life into devotion and written 11 books on Bhakti Yoga and Vaisnav life and practices.

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Start Up India Promotion

The whole world on Saturday(16th January 2016) witnessed the launch of an ambitious programme in India. The launch event took place in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Many of us are still not clear about the goal, highlights and features of Start up India programme. Well, this article is going to provide all the available information regarding the same. So if have queries like – What is Start Up India Stand Up India Scheme ? Who can Apply ? How to Apply ? Application Form downloads etc, read the given information for the answers.

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Spend your gap year gaining valuable work experience working for a media council.

With offices all over the country, the newspaper covers an area almost half the size of India and has a circulation that covers approximately 24% of the national population. According to the National Readership Survey in India for 2006, it was the 6th biggest English language newspaper in India, with a readership of 1.05 million readers and 250-300,000 copies sold daily. Working as an intern on such a successful media really is an opportunity not to be missed!

Gap year intern role: This internship in India gives you the freedom to chase your own stories, write your own articles and even edit and design pages on the 600+ web media in-house design software.

Working in Bangalore, journalism interns could be reporting events as they happen, so prepare to be handed an address and have to make your way to any part of the city at any time! Although it is unlikely that gap year interns will be let loose to interview a leading politician or businessman, there will be opportunities to attend interviews with other journalists and to gain experience of the process. Think of a good question and we’re sure it will be asked on your behalf! Those on journalism internships may also be asked to attend club opening nights, review food at top hotels or even attend music concerts!

A good way to get settled into your intern abroad role is to start writing short feature articles. The newspaper editor would decide on the subject matter and give you some pointers, but the rest is up to you! Previous gap year interns have had features published within two weeks starting their internship! Often journalism interns stay in the features section as it is such a lively team and the work is varied.

Your gap year experience: This is an excellent journalism placement for anyone who wants to get experience in a highly competitive industry. Working on an internship abroad is also a fantastic way to get to know India and Bangalore, as you will be following local stories and using your journalistic skills to dig deeper into local issues.

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  • Gain valuable experience

    Spend your gap year gaining valuable work experience working for a media council.

  • Professional Video Production

    The Council of Information and Broadcasting was founded by a small group of media professionals who believe that connecting young people to media & entertainment production is a good thing in a lot of ways. One of those ways is economic. The Media & Entertainment Industry in the India is the largest in the world and is expected to reach about $100 billion in 2017.

  • Youth Powered Media


    Youth Powered Media is made by kids, driven by kids, conceived by kids. It’s a medium of communication in which youth can articulate their ideas, innovations, questions and concerns to other youth and to the adults that are shaping the world kids live in.

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  • The 2015 National Leadership Awards

    The Leadership Awards - national awards was organized in the Ashok, New Delhi on 19th Jan'2016.

    Mr. Vipin Gaur, Newspaper Association of India being honored as "Best Media Association"

  • The 2015 Leadership Awards –West Bengal

    Council organized “The 2015 Leadership Awards : WB Edition” on 14th Feb’2016 in “The Taj Bengal, Kolkata”.

  • WB,Education Minister on The Leadership Awards

    West Bengal Education Minister congratulates the council for organizing "The Leadership Awards : Bengal Edition" in Kolkata for encouraging youth of West Bengal. He conveys his thanks to our lead member Mr. Anirban for his extra efforts for the program.